Photo by Isaia Crosson (2015)

Originally from Sydney, Australia, I am currently a Ph.D. candidate (ABD) in the interdepartmental Classical Studies (CLST) program at Columbia University (NY, USA), where I am writing a dissertation entitled, Youth and Power: Roman Discourses of Age and Ageing from Plautus to Nero. Beyond Roman history (cultural, social, political) and the various ways I approach the history of age(ing), from demography to legal history, I am also interested in:

  • Ancient gender and queer studies
  • Displacement, migration, and non-elite spatial identities
  • Roman villaculture
  • Somatology and embodied approaches to art and architecture
  • Oratory and politics in the Roman Republic
  • Memory studies

Before arriving at Columbia, I received my Bachelor of Ancient History (Honours) degree with a high first (= summa cum laude) and the University Medal at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, where I wrote a thesis on Ciceronian oratory and the politics of memoria under the supervision of Professor T.W. Hillard and Dr J.L. Beness

In my spare time, I enjoy exploring my American roots, taking photos of the ancient and modern places (and people) I visit, cycling around NYC to beachside taco stands and architectural gems (among other places!), experimenting with new recipes, hiking in the Hudson Valley, and, of course, enjoying the cultural cornucopia of the city. 

You can find me at the Columbia CLST directory,, and you can follow me on Twitter where I Tweet under @quidamabo .

I am happy to provide a full CV upon request.