N.B. Papers currently in progress or under review are not listed here in order to preserve the integrity of the peer review process. 

Books (edited)

with Isayev, E. (2017-2019), Displacement and the Humanities: Manifestos from the Ancient to the Present, Special Issue of Humanities 6 (3). Open Access. Published on a rolling basis. Full print edition expected in late 2019.

Book Chapters (Peer-Reviewed)

(2018), “Like father, like son? The dynamics of family exemplarity and ideology in (fragmentary) Republican oratory.” in van der Blom, H., Gray, C., & Steel, C. (eds), Institutions and Ideology in Republican Rome: speech, audience, and decision. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, 267-282.

Reviews: Sehepunkte 19 (2019) 7/8 - F. Knopf. Ancient History Bulletin (2019) 9 - L. Hodgson.

(2019), “(Re)moving the Masses: Colonisation as Domestic Displacement in the Roman Republic.” in Isayev, E. and Jewell, E. (eds), Displacement and the Humanities: Manifestos from the Ancient to the Present, Special Issue of Humanities 6 (3). Open Access: Download here.

Forthcoming, "Fashioning an imperial aetas: Nero's portrait, the depositio barbae, and the Iuvenalia.” in de Angelis, F. (ed.), Emperors in Images, Architecture, and Ritual: Augustus to Fausta. Selected Papers on Ancient Art and Architecture (SPAAA), vol.5, Archaeological Institute of America (AIA): Boston, M.A. [Accepted: May 2018]

Forthcoming, “Remembering Differently: The exemplarity of populares as a site of ideological contest in late Republican oratory.” in Dinter, M. & Guérin, C. (eds), Cultural Memory in Republican and Augustan Rome. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge. [Accepted: August 2018]

In preparation, "Concepts of Youth, 500 BC - 500 CE." in Laes, C. & Vuolanto, V. (eds), The Cultural History of Youth in Antiquity. Bloomsbury Press: London.

Book Reviews                           

(2016), [Review Article] “Another social history of Roman “youth”, with questions about its restlessness”, Journal of Roman Archaeology, 29: 642-650. Review of: Laes, C. & Strubbe, J. (2014), Youth in the Roman Empire. The Young and the Restless Years? Cambridge University Press.

Response from C. Laes in Saelesianum 79 (2017) 717-732.

Forthcoming, review in Bryn Mawr Classical Review of: Loar, Matthew, Sarah Murray and Stefano Rebeggiani (ed.), (2019), The cultural history of Augustan Rome: texts, monuments, and topography. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press.

Forthcoming, review in Classical World of: Jones, Nathaniel B. (2019), Painting, Ethics, and Aesthetics in Rome. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.