N.B. Papers currently in progress or under review are not listed here in order to preserve the integrity of the peer review process. 

Books (edited)

with Isayev, E. (2017-2019), Displacement and the Humanities: Manifestos from the Ancient to the Present, Special Issue of Humanities 6 (3). Open Access. Published on a rolling basis. Full print edition expected in late 2019.

Book Chapters

(2018), “Like father, like son? The dynamics of family exemplarity and ideology in (fragmentary) Republican oratory.” in van der Blom, H., Gray, C., & Steel, C. (eds), Institutions and Ideology in Republican Rome: speech, audience, and decision. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, 267-282.

Review: Sehepunkte 19 (2019) 7/8 - F. Knopf.

(2019), “(Re)moving the Masses: Colonisation as Domestic Displacement in the Roman Republic.” in Isayev, E. and Jewell, E. (eds), Displacement and the Humanities: Manifestos from the Ancient to the Present, Special Issue of Humanities 6 (3). Open Access: Download here.

Forthcoming, "Fashioning an imperial aetas: Nero's portrait, the depositio barbae, and the Iuvenalia.” in de Angelis, F. (ed.), Emperors in Images, Architecture, and Ritual: Augustus to Fausta. Selected Papers on Ancient Art and Architecture (SPAAA), vol.5, Archaeological Institute of America (AIA): Boston, M.A. [Accepted: May 2018]

Forthcoming, “Remembering Differently: The exemplarity of populares as a site of ideological contest in late Republican oratory.” in Dinter, M. & Guérin, C. (eds), Cultural Memory in Republican and Augustan Rome. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge. [Accepted: August 2018]

In preparation, "Concepts of Youth, 500 BC - 500 CE." in Laes, C. & Vuolanto, V. (eds), The Cultural History of Youth in Antiquity. Bloomsbury Press: London.

Book Reviews                           

(2016), [Review Article] “Another social history of Roman “youth”, with questions about its restlessness”, Journal of Roman Archaeology, 29: 642-650. Review of: Laes, C. & Strubbe, J. (2014), Youth in the Roman Empire. The Young and the Restless Years? Cambridge University Press.*

Response from Christian Laes in Saelesianum 79 (2017) 717-732.

Forthcoming, review in Bryn Mawr Classical Review of: Loar, Matthew, Sarah Murray and Stefano Rebeggiani (ed.), (2019), The cultural history of Augustan Rome: texts, monuments, and topography. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press.

Forthcoming, review in Classical World of: Jones, Nathaniel B. (2019), Painting, Ethics, and Aesthetics in Rome. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

* = not peer-reviewed.